From the beginning, taking advantage of up to date knowledge and technology, in the field of design, structure engineering, power transmission and telecommunications towers as well as production of industrial structures and also the integration of the both; we aimed Gam’s activities at making a dramatic development in the field of electricity and telecommunication industries of Iran.

And today, we are proud to announce that after about 30 years of ceaseless efforts, along with several varied innovations added to our record step by step, Gam is still a pioneer in this regard as well.



 Power Transmission Towers manufacturing process

Each power transmission tower, depending on its type, size and shape, includes a series of varied parts, components and accessories; each of which should be designed, first of all, with detailed engineering calculations and in accordance with the customer orders and needs, using technology and Advanced software.

After precise investigation, control and final approval, plans are sent to production unit; where each piece, is cut, bent or/and punched by the very advanced CNC devices, and then is sent to the galvanizing plant before passing the stages of packaging, encoding, storage, to be transferred to the installation site.

Power Transmission Tower Design Reference