Power Transmission Contracting


PC & EPC Power Transmission Contracting

Inside Iran, Gam is a “Grade A” certified EPC contractor by Management & Planning Organization of Iran. Utilizing the knowledge & experience of our engineers & a variety of specialized machinery, we have been able to successfully deliver satisfactory services to our local & international clients. Based on our clients’ requirements, we perform PC & EPC projects with full compliance with international technical & safety standards.

Some of main stages on execution of EPC Projects:


Full engineering of the power transmission lines including route studies, survey, spotting, tower and foundation design, equipment quantities and specifications, installation manuals, and as-built documentation.


Manufacturing of Power Transmission Towers, and supply of all transmission line equipment such as conductor, shield wire, OPGW, insulators and hardware & fittings


  • + Construction of access roads
  • + Foundation construction
  • + Tower installation: sorting, assembly and erection
  • + Conductor & OPGW stringing