Other Steel Structures

Other than manufacturing power transmission and telecommunication towers, we are also ready to design and manufacture a variety of other tailor-made steel structures as per customers’ needs.

MV/LV Distribution, Lighting Poles, Surveillance Poles :
  1. + Optimized Design , Manufacturing, hot dip galvanization, appropriate packing and proper installation in accordance with the international Standards.
  2. + Manufacturing of Lattice poles in various heights of 6,7,9,11 and 14 meters and different diameters
  3. + Manufacturing of Tubular pole in various heights such as 9 and 11 meters with different diameters
  4. + Design and production of lighting and surveillance poles.


  1. +We design, manufacture, and galvanize sundry guardrail types including “W” and “VW” of various thicknesses.
  2. +We supply full set of Guardrail members including Rails, Posts, U-plates, Fasteners, and Reflectors
  3. +We are ready to provide installation services in national/international projects
  4. +We also produce and supply all kinds of road safety furniture and related accessories


Gantries and Pedestals/Bases for Equipment:
  1. +Steel structures used in HV substations including various types of gantries of different
  2. +dimensions as per the layout drawings of the substations.


Heavy industrial steel structures:
  1. +Marine platforms, heavy scaffolds, and steel frames
  2. +Structures for refineries, power plants, industrial sheds for steel industries and industrial plants.


Steel Frames for buildings:
  1. +Bolts & Nuts connected steel construction
  2. +Steel bridges


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